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  1. H

    Hello from Northern New Jersey!

    I just took delivery of my new Grenadier a couple of weeks ago. Really enjoying it so far. Looking forward to a lot of overland and beach driving this summer.
  2. AngusMacG

    New Jersey work trip

    For those in Jersey…I’m going to plan a 2 day trip to NJ to visit customers. Looking for the best area to get a hotel room for the night. I have only driven thru Jersey down the TPKE or the PKWY. Basically not really familiar with the areas. Plan is below: Day 1: Leave MA and drive to...
  3. Mjolnirs

    Greetings to all,from Bogota,New Jersey

    My name is Dave, I've been on this journey since 11/17/2020. I picked up my Greni last night from Curry IG dealer in Danbury Connecticut. The only way I can explain it is like meeting my child for the first time(ok that's a little over exaggerated). Looking forward to meeting all or some of you...
  4. Krabby

    Americas East Coast (NJ) get together?

    Throwing this out there - wondering if there would be interest in a pub/restaurant gettogether in the not too distant future? I'm in south Jersey on the coast and my friend owns a bar - but I recognize that's pretty far away from everyone else. My wife is from Hillsborough though, and that's...
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