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  1. Krabby

    Developing a history (a very long post) PART 1

    This post has been in my head for a while but it path is a bit curvy - hopefully you'll be able to follow my thoughts and by the end of the post it will make sense. Likewise, it’s going to be extremely long but I truly hope people actually read until its conclusion. My plan is to break it into...
  2. MileHigh

    IG alternative to Jeep ducks- add-on for the utility rail?

    I was thinking about the Jeep use of ducks left for other owners. For the IG, I think that the cargo rail on the side would be a perfect way to acknowledge someone’s IG. Make something compatible with that attachment point. My idea is that you take the standard attachement point, and then...
  3. mkennedy009

    2024 Jeep facelift a look to the future. "By the end of 2025, the entire North America Jeep brand lineup will be electrified. By 2030, 50% of Jeep brand sales in the United States will be battery-electric...
  4. SirJimR

    Grenadier Alternatives (Australia)

    Hi all, thought it would be fun to put up some competitor vehicles that I considered before pulling the trigger on my order. I'll list some Pros & Cons, as well as a link to the specs on CarsGuide for each. Essentially - I chose the Grenadier because it takes the best of the below and combines...
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