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  1. emax

    Worldwide Car Park Directory

    @macstech has made me ware of a worldwide car park directory where you can filter by height. After entering your destination (City), a “Filter” button will appear at the bottom. Klick the button to filter by drive-through height and other criteria. Link: Thanks...
  2. A

    Overall height with safari windows open.

    Hello all, I have a fieldmaster on order and is due in at end of January. I have been trying to find the overall height from the ground of the safari windows when opened. Sorry if this has been answered already but couldn’t find this measurement. Thanks !
  3. emax

    No Overlanding: Worlwide Car Park Directory Search With "Height" Filtering

    This is not off road but on road related - but I havan't found a closer match where to post it. @macstech has made me aware of a worldwide car park directory where you can search for parkages by maximum height. That's exactly what we need for such big cars like our Grenadiers. After entering...
  4. emax

    Local Area Thread Sammlung Grenadier-taugliche Parkhäuser

    UPDATE: Hat sich erledigt. @macstech hat diesen Link gepostet, der das viel besser kann: Bevor Fragen kommen: Man kann dort nach Angabe des Zielortes Filter eingeben, auch die Fahrzeughöhe. Perfekt. Ich möchte hier gerne eine Sammlung Grenadier-tauglicher...
  5. holdmybeer

    Can an owner confirm if the 2.05 m (6'9") empty height is accurate?

    Hi! Since I'm a city dweller, my ordered Grenadier will be exposed to more than a few regular parking garages with clearances in the 6'8" range. The vehicle's quoted height is a bit taller than that. (And, no, I don't trust clearance signs of any place I haven't parked in yet!) Anyways, it's a...
  6. H

    Dropping tow bar height

    INEOS tow ball height 520mm from ground. My caravans ALKO chassis runs best at 430mm. So little information out there so I made my own decision and fitted myself. Now at 440mm.
  7. MileHigh

    Ineos Website pics versus real world? Wheel size and ride height.

    Just trolling the website looking for when the US pricing will go live. The thing that struck me was that the website pics make the vehicle look much further off the ground than the real world pics. The website pics give the proper relationship between wheel size, width, and ground clearance...
  8. D

    Grenadier Height

    I don’t know what the standard height is for most home garages in the US, but my door opening is 81”, and I see from the Grenadier web site that the height dimension is listed at 80.2”. I’ve had a deposit down since they first too deposits and now I’m disappointed that the Grenadier will fit in...
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