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  1. Jeffrey

    Looking for crossbar mounts to the rail, not gutter.

    I already saw the AluCab brackets, and they are not what I'm after. Something smaller to mount a crossbar of my choice to the round 'grab bars' on both sides. Need low profile. Searching.........
  2. Darby

    Roof Gutter Mounts for Light Bar

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone has come across any good gutter mounts for the grenadier for a roof light bar? Example attached (different vehicle but gutter mounts). Looking at the Was tempted to get their dual row 50...
  3. Kruegerruda

    Roof rack better in the gutter or on the grab rails?

    Most suppliers attach the roof rack to the gutter. Thomas from the company Blacksheep Innovation has explained to us that the gutter is not intended for this. He has a design with attachment to the handles. The handles have been designed by Ineos for this. What is your opinion?
  4. Tom D

    Gutter width.

    I saw someone measured the width of the gutters on another thread but I can’t find it now. By width I mean the channel width, looks like it might be 25-30mm?
  5. das mo

    Gutters surviving 420kg?

    Hello. This goes out to all the people, who mounted racks to gutters in the past, loaded them properly and left tarmac. I visited my Gren once again today. This time with the gutter mounts I chose to build my rack for our RTT and maybe some other goodies in the future. In order to keep...
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