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  1. M

    Vision X lights front grill

    Has anyone had issues fitting vision X lights Was told they were plug and play with only a small adaption to the original housing needed….did this fit fine, had to swap connectors on the original wiring loom to fit new lights. When turned on using overhead switch and main beam lights come on...
  2. BenTN

    Auxiliary Lights in the Grill - High Power LED light upgrade without any cutting

    Like many others I was disappointed in the stock aux. lights in the grill of my Grenadier. I'm sure there were various regulations that limited what could legally be mounted there from the factory, but the light output is just pointless. I don't think I would ever use them, especially with the...
  3. Shawnpalmer

    How to remove the front Grill for Vision X install

    Let me know if this link works…
  4. Shawnpalmer

    Wired my grill lights to Aux 1 switch

    Took some time tonight to rewire my grill lights to the overhead Aux 1 switch. The lights work perfectly, no error codes. I used the wire running to the engine bay for power and ground. It should come this way from the factory. They are actually pretty bright when running them with the low...
  5. M

    Replacement front grill to take rectangular lights

    Hi, Anybody making a replacement front grill to incorporate oblong led lights either in a horizontal or vertical orientation. I know lots of folk prefer the original round lights and that’s fine . I don’t like the thought of using Lazers option of cutting the grill to fit and they are...
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