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  1. emax

    Local Area Thread K+E Aufenau gestern (13.10.23)

    Gestern war ich auf der K+E Veranstaltung in Aufenau. Weil ich es nicht doppelt einstellen möchte, mehr dazu hier:
  2. emax

    Krah + Enders Event Yesterday and minor accessory from K+E

    Yesterday, K+E had organised an outdoor event at the MSC Aufenau motocross track. Weather was perfect. You could drive your own car or a demo car around the motocross track with an off road instructor. And the new Quartermaster was shown, which was still a prototype but looked like a...
  3. Hannes01

    Krah & Enders

    Ich hab heute die Nachricht bekommen das Herr Nicolas ( mein bisheriger Ansprechpartner ) die Firma verläßt und Herr Anselment der neue Ansprechpartner für die Grenadier ist.
  4. Christoph

    Europe My spec in the store window at German dealer Krah + Enders?

    I yesterday was close to my dealer, Krah + Enders, so I thought I stop by and check their current Grenadier display. What I found was this vehicle on the picture below. I have no idea what this is, but it follows exactly my spec, including the front winch. I guess I'll have to call tomorrow...
  5. emax

    Two visits: Yesterday with Barney at Krah + Enders and today with my wife at LeTech

    Yesterday and today were completely dedicated to the Grenadier. Let's start with the less spectacular part: Yesterday we (my wife and I) met with @Barney at Krah + Enders. It was the first time we saw each other in the flesh, and we had some really entertaining and interesting hours. For all of...
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