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  1. ADVAW8S

    QM with custom canvas cover from STC in Australia

    Stole pics off of Australia Grenadier Facebook. Looks really well done. I apologize, Micheal if your on here. It's to good to keep to yourself.
  2. Bluesurf

    Grenadier customization from UK's House of Urban.

    UK's House of Urban is working on some really cool custom lighting for the Grenadier. I purchased their double pipe side steps and now I'm waiting on the custom roof top lighting. Enjoy their latest video. View:
  3. B

    Custom Air Suspension

    View: I just found this, so it may already have a thread, but this is some nice engineering.
  4. R

    Custom Roof Rack Installation

    Here's a custom install of a Front Runner Slimline II Rack. Did not want the full expedition look with the rack sticking out and up - plus it would not fit in the garage/noise etc. Ordered a tray only the next size down (1475mm). Made some mounts out of 10mm thick aluminium angle, power coated...
  5. Eyedogtor

    Custom load bed fabrication resources in NA? Dog friendly idea

    Hey there, So I've spent a couple days with the new rig and logged a couple hundred miles - and fortunately for me, no issues - just fun. So, my mind had turned to mods. We have two Goldens (and I'm sure there will be a third soon), and looks like I'll need a ramp for them to get in. I've...
  6. N

    ReulParts smart + custom Belgium appear to be developing some products for the Grenadier

    This company may be known by the European members of the group but while searching for information for a totally unrelated Iveco 4x4 I had this company from Belgium, ReulParts smart + Custom page suggested. It looks like they have rock sliders, a winch bar and a concealed winch support in...
  7. T

    Americas Custom Equalizer Settings-Premium Sound

    Has anyone messed with the equalizer on the custom settings? Any recommendations?
  8. sefch

    Building the dream Grenadier Overlander

    Hi all, I plan to build my next Dream-Overlander based on the Quartermaster - here are some mockups. ➡️ Anyone out there who has similar ideas or could contribute some inspiration for the build? 🤩 Always happy to share and learn.
  9. Mohs 9

    Custom Dual Battery setup

    I ordered my Grenny w/o the dual battery system, because by the time ordering the specification were unclear. Now, as we know how Ineos designed it, I must say this was the right decision for me. I would feel much more comfortable with a classical setup, i.e.: dedicated sockets which are...
  10. C

    Anyone thinking about modifications?

    Hello! What's everyone thinking about modifications or are you going to keep it stock? I'm thinking wheels, exhaust 😉, and a lightbar (I'm waiting for aftermarket ones that don't require an entire roof rack too). Nothing too controversial, just making it mine 😁 What about you?
  11. das mo

    Custom Camper Works

    Moin. I would love to open this as a central space for people to post and exchange on their custom build of furniture and camper goodies in and all around the Grenadier. Had some airline tracks and fitting arriving today. First thing I want to play around with, as it does not need exact...
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