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    New CTEK D250SE Mounting Plate Kit

    Good Morning All, I am proud to release the first of our 12V solutions: CTEK D250SE Mounting Kit. If your Grenadier came with the factory dual battery system, then your vehicle is equipped with the CTEK Smartpass. The easiest way to integrate an MPPT Solar controller and improved charging...
  2. Highwayman

    CTEK Smartpass Safety Notice

    Apologies if this has already been discussed in other threads, but this was the first I had seen the Safety Notice from CTEK regarding the SmartPass. It appears the SmartPass is very sensitive to short circuits, and if used afterwards can overheat. Link to overall notice...
  3. S

    CTEK Smartpass 120S smart alternator feed

    can someone with dual batteries/ auxiliary wiring loom and the CTEK Smartpass 120S factory fitted please answer a very simple question? is the smart alternator feed wire out of the Smartpass 120S connected or not? In the test vehicle in my local dealership, it is not but when I asked our very...
  4. Jean Mercier

    CTEK Battery charger MXS 5.0

    I bought a CTEK Battery charger MXS 5.0 and tested it between yesterday afternoon and today. And I used my Chinese battery Monitoring II spy. I connected the CTEK to the “under hood” positive pole and earth connector. I have to admit my picture could have been better: I brought the current...
  5. Trialmaster

    CTEK D250SE - why do I need one?

    There is a tremendous amount of information posted by some very knowledgeable people on here. I have a Trialmaster, which as we know is fitted with a CTEK SMARTPASS 120S. There are threads discussing the fitment of a D250SE, with detailed explanations on how to fit it. My question is why...
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