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  1. D

    Americas I was considering changing colors NOPE

    Not with the issues they are going through as stated in my email i received this morning about supplies and build time, I’ll take what I ordered. Figure out stateside with options like sliders roof rack etc. Is there a way to put a vote poll on the forum curious what the most popular colors are!
  2. alvan

    Assistance from other times, INEOS in Flying colors... (technical manager for Italy arrived by plane with the technician from Germany)

    Assistance from other times, standing ovation to Ineos and its technicians. For a pressure loss from a sensor, a/c dead. 35-40° C. and prospect in ten days of crossing Italy without a/c. Summer holidays on the way and therefore the prospect of a zero-nada solution. Great availability of Ineos...
  3. ADVAW8S

    Pre-order colors

    I thought it would be fun to see what NA people picked as their color for their IG. We did something similar when the IG was announced and broke it up by continent. Feel free to add in your post if you did a contrasting roof or chassis or both. I'll go first MM with black roof
  4. Stu_Barnes

    Q&A Americas Will the NA market have a different color palette for this 2024 MY?

    Will the NA market have a different color palette for this 2024 MY?
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