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  1. K

    Door Locks and Clock

    Are the interior door lock switches supposed to work whether the vehicle is running or not, and/or if not running, if the key is out? In other vehicles, these switches work all the time, regardless of the running status. Also, is the clock supposed to automatically update when the times change?
  2. MrMike

    Beer O'clock Hill

    For those on Facebook, here's a little snippet of the Grenadier's capability
  3. Michael H.

    3rd party Videos Beer O'clock Hill

    The Aussies here will have heard of Beer O'clock Hill at The Springs 4x4 Park, a hill that is rarely conquered by anything less than highly modified trucks. Well it was done by a Grenadier today. 🙂 View:
  4. S

    Clock is wrong if set to automatic mode?! T

    Hi, Just found clock in the infotainment system was set on manual mode. Now I set it to automatic mode and the system sets it wrong by 1hour. GMT is set right (GMT+1) and even if would be wrong I can’t change it. Daylight saving (Sommerzeit) is also turned on. So normally I should have the...
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