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  1. MrMike

    Beer O'clock Hill

    For those on Facebook, here's a little snippet of the Grenadier's capability
  2. Michael H.

    Beer O'clock Hill

    The Aussies here will have heard of Beer O'clock Hill at The Springs 4x4 Park, a hill that is rarely conquered by anything less than highly modified trucks. Well it was done by a Grenadier today. 🙂 View:
  3. S

    Clock is wrong if set to automatic mode?! T

    Hi, Just found clock in the infotainment system was set on manual mode. Now I set it to automatic mode and the system sets it wrong by 1hour. GMT is set right (GMT+1) and even if would be wrong I can’t change it. Daylight saving (Sommerzeit) is also turned on. So normally I should have the...
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