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  1. E


    Good evening from a new member in north east England. My battery will not start the car and after 48 hours on charger still not. Will not jump start fro my other car either . Bigger problem its parked in front of my garage containing my other car so borrowed my son’s in short term . Onto dealer...
  2. U

    charging battery on camp sides or in garage

    Hi all, i would like to install some charger or have a charger in the car to easily connect for the following situations. -During camping trips when i have the ability to use the electrical power from the camp side. here i would like to charge the batteries and during the same time the fridge...
  3. Ever Pragmatic

    Battery Monitor and Charging.

    got in the vehicle earlier and had my first red warning light appear - eek… It was the battery warning light. I opened up the off-road mode and toggled to battery monitoring. it showed that the battery was at 50% charge and this was shown in an amber colour on the central display. I drove on...
  4. Jean Mercier

    Build Thread Auxiliary USB charging point in auxiliary footwell power point

    Before beginning, let me be clear, I have a Left-Hand Driving (LHD) car. The only “right” way to drive a car 😉. Therefore, if you drive a right-hand car (the wrong way ;) ), you should think in inverting everything I mean: left is right, right is wrong, up is down, and so on. Jokes aside, let’s...
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