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  1. Trialmaster

    UK & Ireland Midland Machinery Show

    Midland Machinery Show at Newark Showground today and tomorrow. Chandlers and Sandicliffe had Grenadiers on show and were offering off road test drives.
  2. DCPU

    Chandlers Vehicles preview the Quartermaster

  3. Trialmaster

    UK & Ireland Lincoln Agricultural Show

    Had a fabulous day at the agricultural show today. Highlights of the day was speaking to all those who work for Dyson Farming, JCB tractors, Lexus, Toyota and BMW Cars. But of course the major highlight was Chandlers Ineos. Huge thank you for your hospitality and if you have the opportunity...
  4. Trialmaster

    UK & Ireland Arrived at Chandlers, Belton

    Our DG, Trialmaster has arrived at Chandlers, Belton yesterday. Went to see it today and subsequently pay for it. All looks brilliant. Just awaiting Rock Sliders, but said if they have arrived post PDI, would like to collect without them. Also, ordered Rubber Mats.
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