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bull bar

  1. Asjtex

    Mounted KC lights/ 35’s/2.5 lift/ Bull Bar

    I can’t seem to stop with the modifications 😬! WolfBox should arrive soon….
  2. Tom D

    Who wants an after market bumper / bar?

    I'm trying to persuade @buzzspecialvehicles to make a Stainless bull bar. I just know I'll break the crappy plastic bumper sooner or later. So who would be interested in one were it available? Personally I'd like a strong winch bumper with an A bar. How about you? They can be legally fitted...
  3. J

    Australasia Roo / bull bar and side runners

    Hello from New Zealand ! Does anybody know any aftermarket bull bar / roo bar and side liners / steps available for the GRR in Australia or NZ ? The dealer gives me 16 weeks wait... Thank you !
  4. Sekurt

    Americas Now that we’ve become owners

    So now that we’ve become owners here in the U.S. what’s our hive strategy for obtaining factory bull bars for our rigs? I don’t think it makes financial sense for any of us to onesy twosy these out of overseas dealers with shipping costs. Does the hive have any ideas on how to get a group buy...
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