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  1. C

    Brisbane auto electrician recommendation

    Could anyone provide a recommendation for a auto electrician in Brisbane preferably Northside. I need the Euro plug swapped for a 12 pin flat. Thanks in advance.
  2. AnD3rew

    Brisbane Australia owners - Bash Plates

    Hi all Brisbane owners. Have been asking Custom Off Road if they are interested in developing bash plates for the Grenadier since INEOS don’t seem to be forthcoming. I have used Custom Off road before on other cars and they make good gear at reasonable prices. They need a vehicle to see if...
  3. Geoff from Brisbane

    Greetings From Brisbane Australia. New Member

    BG: well travelled SEQ, Eastern sea border Aus, 6 yrs M.E .- UAE based. Luckily owned several brands of 4x4 . Currently family drives> Rover, D4..sometimes D2 Son's Cancelled pre-order- still interested after nearly 2yrs ago. Reason#1 Fuel tank solution ..I loved my LCs, Nissan GQ, and...
  4. SirJimR

    Brisbane - National 4x4 Outdoors Show

    Had this email from INEOS on the weekend looks like they'll be up in Brissy in a couple of weeks for the 4x4 Show. 17-19 March at the Brisbane Showgrounds.
  5. Bobby Mac

    Brisbane Australia - Contract at Last

    After being an “Early Hand Raiser” and making a reservation 30 Sep 2021 and placing an order 18 May 22, my contract finally arrived last nigh 24 Feb 2023! …. and it all appears to be correct‼️ Trying to moderate my excitement as anything can happen, and as an old sick bugger hoping I can last...
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