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  1. N

    Tongue Weight USA book vs hitch labels.

    In the handbook it is listed as 771 lbs (350KG) but there is a label on the underside of the hitch plate that states ~600 (273KG). Given the GVW and GTW are both 3500 KG (7716 lbs), using the rule of thumb of 10-15% you'd expect the TW to be at least the value in the book. For clarity this is...
  2. Stu_Barnes

    New INEOS Book, with a bit about the Grenadier (and a competition if we get our act together)

    Apparently Quentin wilson is the author of the Grenadier story part of this book. I used to enjoy his no nonsense journalism on top gear way back when. Grit, Vigor & Humour: The INEOS Story "With an opening chapter by Sir Jim Ratcliffe To mark the 25th Anniversary of the founding of INEOS in...
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