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    Earthing/Body connecting eyelet not connected on AM/FM/DAB Antenna.

    OK Brains Trust this is an odd one - I wiring up a reversing camera and I have removed the rear right hand side panel that surround the brake/indicator light and also the upper panel cover above it. Under the upper panel the AM/FM./DAB radio antenna is located. The cables for that exits the...
  2. B

    Where is the Sirius XM antenna located on the Grenadier?

    Apologies if this has been asked before. Does anyone know where the Sirius XM antenna is located? I’m looking at rack options and don’t want to block the antenna if I decide to activate the satellite radio? I made this mistake with a Bronco… Thanks! Bikesandguitars Northern Colorado
  3. C

    UHF Installation. Under glove box radio, concealed wiring, utility rail antenna mount

    Thought I'd post my UHF installation. Not as detailed as some other forum members, but hopefully clear enough to see the approach. Not having a bullbar yet (don't like the IG offering), I decided to mount the Antenna on the Passenger side rear utility rail. I also wanted concealed wiring and no...
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