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    Compass/Altimeter backlight

    With the headlight switch on Auto and when the headlights come on the Compass/Altimeter back light is bright. Once the headlights go off, the back light dims to the point you can barely read the display. It seems backwards. Same if I turn the headlight switch to off, the back light dims. I have...
  2. Stu_Barnes

    Highest altimeter reading.

    Ok so as a follow up to how low can you go last month. This months competition is for how high can you fly with your Grenadier. So post your pictures here of your Grenadiers altimeter. Highest reading wins. The winner gets a particularly crappy mug t shirt combo. If someone gets their...
  3. R

    Altimeter issues. Reset/Calibration possible?

    Living in New Orleans I expect to see negative numbers, but the city isn't 70' below sea level. Should be showing around 8-10' above sea level where it sits. Anyone know of an issue or is this just a limitation of altimeters in vehicles that I have to live with?
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