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  1. G

    ADAS in North America (Canada) advice for managing.

    Our Trialmaster has landed on Canadian soil and we expect to take delivery within a month or so. Would appreciate any advice on wrangling the ADAS system in order to minimize driver interventions, especially on Start up and regarding the speed limit notification. Can the dealer help with this?
  2. BQAC

    Anyone have any experience or advice on undercarriage guards/skidplate kits?

    I'm currently seeing the SPP kit which looks great but it is a bit spendy.
  3. B

    Looking for advice on aftermarket light kits

    Just took delivery on my new Grenadier and looking to mount a light bar either over the windshield and/or on the grill. Any recommendations? Unsure of mounting options.
  4. don't ignore warning ligh

    I absolutely loved my Grenadier can anyone help ?

    Our beautiful green car is less than six months old. Along with many other owners we experienced lots of warning lights and disturbing noises which we were told to ignore and wait for a software update. Unfortunately before the update was available we had warning lights which should not be...
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