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American Size Cup Holder BenTN rev2

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This is a 3d-printable overlay that attaches on top of the stock console cup holder using the existing screw locations. It provides a secure space for a handled coffee mug on the LH side, and leaves access to the full-depth original cup holder on the RH side. It also includes a pen holder immediately in front of the center storage cubby. It allows clearance for fingers to easily reach the cubby latch release.

It does not require removing anything but the 4x cosmetic screws from the original cupholder panel. These socket-head cap screws can be re-used to retain this overlay panel, but the resulting thread engagement is limited. Ideally, longer screws would be sourced. I re-used the original screws but have been careful not to over-tighten. It has been fine.

Virtually any 3d-printed material should work fine for this. The printed part in the pics is a FDM from a Markforged printer using Onyx filament with a 0.1mm print layer height. It required 120cm^3 of filament.

This was modeled in SolidWorks 2023. DM me for the source file if you want to modify this design.
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