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  1. M

    Looking forward to when I get the confirmation with a vin number, Ineos ordered on December 29th......From New Mexico

    My two daughters and wife Took an hour long test drive with Lenita from Ineos Colorado Springs,,,,,awesome drive and the grenadier did great, its what I expected , was fun to drive, had a rugged yet refined feel. Simple and not everything is run off of 1 dial for the whole vehicle. We are...
  2. shiv.nandak

    Decoded VIN - A few interesting surprises

    So i have my VIN and was told that my Grenadier was scheduled for build in August 2023. I decoded the VIN on the NHTSA site and there were a few pleasant surprises. The decoder lists the following features that i did not expect, can someone confirm if these are correct? Can the NHTSA decoder be...
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