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under body protection

  1. SterniStern95

    Aluminium Underride Guard from SPP Industries

    Hey Grenadier Crew, I'm stoked to spill the beans on our latest upgrade that's going to take your off-road game to a whole new level – our custom-built underride guard for the Ineos Grenadier! Our primary focus has been to provide effective protection only where necessary. Through a thorough...
  2. RyanT

    Buzz Rear Seat Delete with on board water

    Buzz Special Vehicles are extremely pleased to announce that we are the official UK distributor for AEV. You can browse and shop AEV products here: New products are being listed daily so keep a look out and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to...
  3. G

    Dinitrol underbody protection. Anyone used this?

    Having trawled through all the posts and views on what underbody treatment (if any) to use, I’m looking at going the Dinitrol route. Firstly, it’s not a quick DIY application; it’s a three day paid for service, by an approved provider. Ergo, it’s going to be expensive. My neighbour has had a...
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