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  1. Paco Garcia

    Trunk for the day day

    I have been thinking about how to solve the problems of holding non-heavy objects on a daily basis, nothing to do with the storage solutions that are seen in the forum, the idea was something light so that things do not go banging around. the trunk, they are homemade solutions (Bricolage)...
  2. Christian

    Moisture under the airline rail in the trunk.

    At Christmas it was very wet in Germany and I drove about 1500 km in the rain. When I arrived home, I wanted to install my DIY rubber trunk mat and unscrewed the airline rails. To my surprise, the screws on the underside were wet. How does water get in from below? It is noticeable that both...
  3. IMG_5331.jpeg


  4. Jean Mercier

    Build Thread @Jean Mercier Build thread

    When I travel, I like to hide my luggage, even if it isn’t very valuable (tent, clothes, beer, etc.) That's why I have optioned the tinted privacy glass. But I want a trunk cover. I decided to build a temporary one myself. My prerequisites: cheap light fast to build because I will travel soon...
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