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    A Cool Truck Is Here

    I stumbled into a order-reject Scottish White Trialmaster with Safari Windows, Checker Plates and a Hitch, raised air intake delete. (it's now on a garage shelf...) And my observations from less than a week of ownership: can't see very well out the back, who cares, it's a cool truck. door...
  2. ADVAW8S

    Canopy, Flat tray, Truck Caps for the Quartermaster

    This thread will be a list of available aftermarket solutions for the back of the QM. As more information becomes available, the thread will be updated. Truck Caps SmartCap RSI: I spoke with them today and currently there is no plans for something for the QM...
  3. D


    Does anyone know if the truck is optioned with the High load auxilary switch panel,is the 500 amp Nato plug prewired to both the front and rear of the vehicle?
  4. ADVAW8S

    3rd party Videos Truck King out of Canada Eh

    Here is a review from Truck King. Lot more technical that the TFL version. View:
  5. R

    Car or Truck?

    So; light-hearted topic time, what’s the consensus: Is the Grenadier a car or a truck (this should probably be a poll but I can’t figure out how to do that I’m afraid)?
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