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  1. Michael H.

    4WD Training near Sydney, Australia

    If anyone's looking for a 4WD training course near Sydney, I’d thoroughly recommend Getabout Training Services at Lithgow. I'd previously completed their one day Basic 4WD course which gives you an “Operate 4WD Vehicle on Unsealed Roads” qualification, and last week I completed their two day...
  2. S

    Local Area Thread Offroadakademie Neuss (Meppen): Hat von Euch da jemand schonmal ein Training gemacht?

    Hallo liebe Grenadiertreiber, beim Tagestraining von ABNTR4X4 am Freitag ist mir schlagartig bewusst geworden, wieviel ich noch im Geländer lernen muss ;-) Beim Durchstöbern des Internets bin ich auf die Offroadakademie gestoßen, die bieten ein 2-tägiges Training in Meppen an. Agenda liest...
  3. dreamalaska

    General BMW B57 & B58 USA Technical Training/Introduction Brochures

    Interesting read for gearheads: B57: B57 Engine.pdf B58:
  4. internal

    Offroad Training Jänschwalde/ Germany

    Last weekend, we took part in an off-road training on a former military site in eastern Germany. Out of a total of around 20 vehicles, 4 Grenadiers took part. All super nice people (of course), we had a lot of fun and learnt some new things about our vehicles.
  5. pete54

    Off Road Driving

    For anyone who may be interested in a bit of off road tuition then I would highly recommend some time with Hugh at Far by Four, based at Winton Castle in East Lothian. Hugh has been involved with Ineos since the press launch and now has a loan car from them so that he...
  6. anand

    Americas East Coast Off Road Grenadier Specific Training Interest?

    Hey all, for those that may not know, I do some training with a company called Overland Experts. OEX is one of the (if not the) largest off road training company in the US based on fleet size and number of instructors; and have three primary training locations (CT, NC, and UT). Many of you met...
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