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  1. 2024 Ineos Grenadier 18” Steel Wheels (set of 4)

    For sale 2024 Ineos Grenadier 18” Steel Wheels (set of 4)

    18” Steel Wheels with lugs. OEM. Near new condition. Less than 3k miles on them. Tires not included. Local pick up or you pay for shipping.
    or best offer
  2. DaftClunk

    Goodbye '20 Defender 110 HSE; Hello IG TRIALMASTER...

    I'm 10 days into falling in love w/ my Trialmaster after breaking up w/ my '20 Defender 110 HSE. Defender Notes: -The Defender is a luxury SUV w/ a 4x4 package. Loved everyday I had her... EXCEPT! The early days in the shop when LR was still working through all the early model kinks, and the...
  3. Sean

    The car has to go :’(

    There’s always a lot of negative commentary on every car forum and this one’s no different. I put my deposit down years ago and took delivery 6 months back after a far longer wait than I had expected. I almost cancelled the order and gave up. I now have a Fieldmaster as well as a Porsche Taycan...
  4. ealshamsi

    UAE Finally, my Grenadier is home.

    Hi Everyone, I have received my Grenadier last night: - Trailmaster. - Color: Donny Grey. I enjoyed driving it home; it was my first ever Grenadier drive. Eisa
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