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  1. MileHigh

    Airing down Steelies and stock tires? Suggested ranges?

    With the stock steelies and either set of stock tires, what would be the recommended tires pressures to air down to and still be safe?
  2. Factory Steel Wheels - 5

    For sale Factory Steel Wheels - 5

    5 wheels removed from the grenadier upon purchase. Vehicle was the first to be lifted with Eibach US spec prototype kit and put on different wheels and bigger tires. Factory tires were sold already. The rims are now up for sale for anyone that prefers the classic look of the old school steel...
  3. A

    I prefer the steelies...

    Looks like I'll be taking delivery of my IG next month. I ordered a Fieldmaster, with alloy wheels being the only option for that trim level, but I actually prefer the look of the steel wheels. Anybody know if dealers are willing to do a swap?
  4. SOLD!!  17" Steel Wheels, Stock.  As new.  Set of 5.

    For sale SOLD!! 17" Steel Wheels, Stock. As new. Set of 5.

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