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  1. Zartoon

    Club Event June 22-23 Anza Borego Southern California Ineos Club (SCIC) - SoCal Gren

    Let’s get together in Anza Borego! - 7am Los Angeles area departure - caravan to Anza Borego - 10am meetup with everyone in SoCal at Naza Borego visitor center. - We will head out and do a trail till about 5pm. - Those who want to return can peel off and do so. Those who want to spend the...
  2. Zartoon

    Tomorrow: first meeting of the SoCal Grenadiers

    Looking forward to meeting all the local Grenadier owners tomorrow. Cheers! Z
  3. Zartoon

    Southern California Ineos Club - SoCal Grenadiers

    The Southern California Ineos club will have its first meeting at the Hungry Valley off road vehicle skills test area. Here are the details: When: Sunday March 17th at 10am Where: Hungry Valley OHV park. Skills test area next to Aliklik area. South entrance. Exit Smokey Bear Road from the 5...
  4. Jimxyz

    Another IG in SoCal!

    Spotted Tony (factory rep) driving a blue Grenadier on Thursday (12/28) and follwed him to Walmart parking lot to find out wth it was (having owned and sadly let go of a D90 it definitley caught our eye) - the next thing I know we are at Sierra IG in Irvine with Matt and Chad going for a test...
  5. Stu_Barnes

    Americas SOCAL Owners

    Hi all, theres quite a few in SOCAL who are in the process of ordering (myself included) and I know theres been talk of local meetups more specific to this area. So this is the thread to start the discussion rolling. @toedash - Fallbrook @SonnyC - Encinitas @IG_LA - Los Angeles @Kb6tho -...
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