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  1. APB Trading

    Drawers, Roof racks and Awnings

    Hi All, Just wanted to let everyone know that we now carry full time stock on our roof racks and twin drawer systems We wanted some feedback: Would you be more interested in a mono or twin drawer (mono drawers are in the pipeline) What awnings would you prefer to see on your grenadiers. Any...
  2. G

    Ineos Seatcovers

    Oh happy day, my accessories arrived! Swing by my dealer today to get checker plates and rear folding table added. Also picked up the factory seatcovers. Let’s just say, they are the most unimpressive thing I have encountered on this project. Utter rubbish. Highly recommend avoiding the...
  3. Tatum

    Tougher Ineos Grenadier Seat Covers

    TOUGHER SEAT COVERS now available for the Ineos Grenadier. At TOUGHER, we understand the essence of rugged, reliable vehicles like the Ineos vehicle. Our commitment to quality and durability drives us to create exceptional seat covers and accessories, engineered to safeguard your Ineos’s...
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