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  1. S

    Americas I came, I saw, I drove then walked…

    Took a 20 minute test drive at Holman in FL this afternoon. They had about 20 cars around the lot. There were 5 parked end to end that looked like they were mustering for a military exercise. Very purposeful design. I’ve had Defenders, including the ‘97 D90 model. Got to say, the steering lack...
  2. emax

    How and where do you store an ax and a saw in your Grenadier?

    Does anyone have a good idea how and where to store an ax and a saw in the Grenadier? Groove only once, but on long trips and in a permanent place. Some have them attached to the tailgate, but how? And what are the alternatives? It would be good to be able to add more stuff, so maybe there is...
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