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  1. F

    Crashed Grenadier for sale in Austria

    Just found the crashed Grenadier from this event ( for sale...
  2. OverlandGearGuy

    Overland gear guy - Spring Sale Safari Window Covers and Screens, Under Seat Storage Bags...

    This weekend only 15% off selected items - use discount code Spring2024 Safari Window Covers insulated and Non insulated Safari Window Screens
  3. CORE Ineos

    Winch and bumper possibly for sale?

    Hi all. I was getting ready to buy a rig already specd with a winch installed, but my company was going to build a new bumper bull bar 15k capacity winch for these machines. Do you think anyone would be interested in buying this from me ? Unfortunately since I didn't order this build I'll have...

    Americas IG available for Sale?

    Knauz Ineos (Chicagoland) currently has 50 listed online (49 - Sale Pending but 1 "I'm Available" heading). Sterling Silver w/ black leather, Rough Pack w/ 18"steelies, front/rear diff locks, tow hitch, etc. $85,615 FYI - Knauz had 550 pre-orders so they amongst largest dealers with 500+
  5. D

    Americas 17 for sale on

    Links perusing through frond this
  6. RESERVED. (Germany: Grenadier Utility, almost all extras)

    For sale RESERVED. (Germany: Grenadier Utility, almost all extras)

    UPDATE: The car hasn't yet been sold, but it is reserved until October 6th, 2023. Here you find the complete configuration with all details (my personal configuration): The car is available immediately. A test drive is possible. Send me a private...
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