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  1. DeepH20

    Side Protection Bars - Installation Questions

    Hey everyone. I just got my hands on a pair of the side protection bars (I'll refer to them as the bars) that mount onto the bull bar and the rock sliders. To be clear I have already installed the bull bar and rock sliders... no problems. I have a couple of questions I'm hoping someone can...
  2. P

    I’m 300 miles from nearest dealer so I have 10 questions

    Very interested, but it’s not like I can roll into a dealer and kick the tires. So, these are my 10 questions. 1. Regular or premium fuel? 2. Range on full tank? 3. Quiet highway cruiser? 4. Squeak and rattle free? 5. Build quality closer to that of Lexus or closer to that of Land Rover? 6...
  3. Coco

    Pick up my IG(Trial Master, Donny grey) yesterday and drove 400miles, now I have a newbie questions.

    Right after picked up at SoCal, I had to drive up to NorCal. it was 7 hours long drive on the highway with a lot of curve, hills, high wind, and bugs. now I have a coupe of feedback and questions for existing owners. 1. Steering- I knew its not responsive. and I felt it during test drive, but...
  4. Zimm

    drip rail questions.

    Are the drip rails perfectly straight, and parallel like the Gwagon? and what is the minimum clearance height? Say if one were to lay a straight edge across the roof and measure down to the inner top of the drip rail. If anyone has that info, that would be greeeeeeat. Thanks.
  5. M

    2 random questions…..

    A) If you walked into a dealer to order a rig today, what time frame are you being given? (Countries like Australia and UK) B) if you had to sell your rig right away, how soon do you think it would sell? Reasons for my questions are as followed; A couple of years ago a friend of mine bought a...
  6. J


    Wenn ich volltanke, steht bei mir bei der "restl. Reichweite" immer sowas wie ">576 ". Ich frage mich, warum das mit dem "größer-Zeichen" immer da steht und nicht genau die berechnete km-Zahl, z. B. 629 km oder so? Erst wenn eine größere Strecke dann gefahren bin, verschwindet dieses ">-Zeichen"...
  7. FlyingTrotter

    Two Questions

    As I step away from the project having cancelled my order I wanted to raise two questions in part as they were gnawing away and also because I have a foldness for the project and am interested in peoples thoughts - what do people feel about the as launched price point and it’s value proposition...
  8. emax

    Fragen und Antworten - für Interessierte

    Ich habe ein F&A Blättchen für alle Interessierten geschrieben, damit man nicht immer wieder alles von vorn erklären muss. Ich werde mir ein paar ins Handschuhfach legen. Wenn Fehler drin sind, bitte Meldung an mich. Aktuell: v4 zweispaltig Preisangaben angepasst jetzt mit kurzer...
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