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power take-off

  1. MileHigh

    Power take-off/400W: Hard to add later?

    So Ineos says that it is: So it is $700 for this and you have to get the battery also, for $900. Ouch. My Tahoe and Wrangler have outlets for free…. I don’t need it. I’m more interested in ‘future’ proofing the vehicle- don’t skimp on an option that can’t be added later or would be reallly...
  2. W

    Americas High Load Aux Switch and Power Take-Off

    Hello All, I am not quite sure if I need (1) High Load Aux Switch Panel & Electrical Preparation and (2) Power Tkae-Off For (2), to me, it could be replaced simply by bringing portable power station. For (1), I am wondering what would be actual usage for it. I know that it is for more lights...
  3. bmore_burnsy

    Q&A Americas Power Take-Off (400W Inverter)

    The configurator states that "[t]he Power Take-Off includes domestic plug sockets (120V / 230V) in the second row seating and loadspace areas of the vehicle, providing 400W of power for electrical items." Questions: How many outlets are in the second row seating area? How many outlets are in...
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