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  1. TrukSnave

    Americas Payload sticker

    why is everyone asking for photos of payload stickers? just go for the skinny girls and you don’t have to worry as much.
  2. M

    Americas USA Payload Stickers

    Hello All, I saw two demo grenadiers during a recent test drive. One was a trial master and the other a field master. I looked at both of their payload stickers and they are showing only around 814lbs? Surely this is some type of mistake. Can anyone confirm? Regards, Kenneth
  3. Korg

    AUS Diesel Trialmaster - Staying within weight limits

    Just doing some calcs today ☹️. With the payload for the diesel Trialmaster stated in the manual at 689kg it is almost impossible to stay within limits if you want a roof rack, carry extra fuel and have a draw system, awning, 40 litres of water and fridge plus tools etc. and a vehicle that can...
  4. M

    Q&A Americas Does the payload change depending on vehicle options?

    Will the 1841 pounds of payload remain true no matter the options you load and is that the final payload for North America?
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