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  1. V

    Parking Censor

    Hi, I am after a rear park censor. Do i have to order from main dealer or can I get a after market part.
  2. holdmybeer

    Crawling soon, to a mall near you...

  3. AnD3rew

    Front parking sensors and Roo bar. Any pics of behind the front bumper and sensor mountings?

    my front parking sensors have never been ok, they alarm all the time even when nothing is there and they sound a continuous tone with no variable tone as you approach something. I have been forced to turn them off completely. I was hoping the software update would fix it but no change. They...
  4. M

    Parking light issues

    Getting more and more used to the functions or missing functions of my Grenadier I wanted to park on a completely dark road. If my fading memory is correct, in germany you have to switch your parking lights on in a situation like this. It is a matter of road-safety. I tried this with the...
  5. emax

    Local Area Thread Sammlung Grenadier-taugliche Parkhäuser

    UPDATE: Hat sich erledigt. @macstech hat diesen Link gepostet, der das viel besser kann: Bevor Fragen kommen: Man kann dort nach Angabe des Zielortes Filter eingeben, auch die Fahrzeughöhe. Perfekt. Ich möchte hier gerne eine Sammlung Grenadier-tauglicher...
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