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  1. emax

    PDC/Park Distance Control, permanent warning when reversing

    I had my car at the agent for some issues to solve, one of which was the PDC sensor rear right. It produced a permanent alarm when reversing. When I got my car back after 10 days (there were more things to do), they told me the PDC problem was solved. It isn't. When reversing the same shit...
  2. grnamin

    Americas Organizing a trip to Big Bend National Park

    I'm trying to organize a 4-day overlanding trip to Big Bend National Park for some time this October. For those who have been, what areas would you recommend? Who wants to go?
  3. emax

    Worldwide Car Park Directory

    @macstech has made me ware of a worldwide car park directory where you can filter by height. After entering your destination (City), a “Filter” button will appear at the bottom. Klick the button to filter by drive-through height and other criteria. Link: Thanks...
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