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  1. BD1

    Locking functions?

    What do these last 2 functions actually do? How do they work? I looked in the manual and could not find anything. - Auto Door Lock - Relock Remote Unlocked Door
  2. Bruce

    Possible alternate locking wheel storage?

    I opted out of the factory storage locker, because I wanted something a little more secure. While looking for alternatives, I came across this product for the Sprinter, which shares the 6 x 130 bolt pattern. Expensive for sure, but looks beefy and from what I understand not much more than...
  3. archerwolf

    Security Safe

    Has anyone mounted a locking security safe of any kind in their Grenadier? I’m currently looking for options for the rear cargo area. It would be used for locking valuables, particularly rifles on hunting or shooting trips. There is about 40” width and 33” of depth to work with the back of the...
  4. S

    Locking spare tire cover alternatives

    Hi, I like the idea of using the spare tire as an additional storage box with the locking spare tire cover. But it seems that the current Grenadier optional cover is plastic and would not be that secure. Is there an aftermarket locking cover that is more substantial. Especially if you were...
  5. STT22

    "Troubleshooting Locking Issues: Ensure Your Hood/Bonnet is Fully Closed"

    Quick tip for anyone struggling to lock their vehicle after opening the hood/bonnet: make sure it's fully shut. A partially closed hood/bonnet can prevent your vehicle from locking. Just give it another slam.
  6. P

    Americas Locking doors whilst running?

    Can someone tell me if I can lock the doors from the outside with the remote and leave the car warming up?
  7. S

    Australasia First Day of Ownership

    We picked up our Grenadier Fieldmaster from Expedition HQ/SLRV, had a great first day and wanted to thank Ric for all is help in getting it delivered. Joined the forum to see if there was a solution to a problem I was experiencing, the remote central locking not working. Thanks to everyone on...
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