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  1. STT22

    "Troubleshooting Locking Issues: Ensure Your Hood/Bonnet is Fully Closed"

    Quick tip for anyone struggling to lock their vehicle after opening the hood/bonnet: make sure it's fully shut. A partially closed hood/bonnet can prevent your vehicle from locking. Just give it another slam.
  2. P

    Locking doors whilst running?

    Can someone tell me if I can lock the doors from the outside with the remote and leave the car warming up?
  3. S

    First Day of Ownership

    We picked up our Grenadier Fieldmaster from Expedition HQ/SLRV, had a great first day and wanted to thank Ric for all is help in getting it delivered. Joined the forum to see if there was a solution to a problem I was experiencing, the remote central locking not working. Thanks to everyone on...
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