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  1. alexandruast

    Vision-X single LED installation in progress

    I ordered the Vision-X Grenadier Kit from a Deutschland e-store, the single LED 40W variant. Although it's written on the box that it's a Grenadier kit, it's not really... I received two complete single LED 40W Vision-X lamps with generic wiring harness (dual relay/fuse), two grille brackets and...
  2. das mo

    Solved. Ctek D250SE Power LED off

    * It was an issue with the 250 grounding. Hi. Finally been able to install the 250. Testing the setup with a 100W panel from my neighbours, I had to realise there is only one led light on, giving me a situation that is not covered in the error section of the manual. Someone had that...
  3. TheDocAUS


    WHAT YOU NEED STEDI Hex brackets (choose size 48 to 53mm). The STEDI hex bracket came with a Torx Security key to tighten the bolts in the hex bracket. Not sure of the size because I could not get my Torx Security bits to fit properly. The brackets come with three M6 bolts of different sizes...
  4. ethree

    Black Sheep LED Light Bar

    Just ordered that. 4/5 they received the order. I’ll advise how long and the process of mounting—which looks super easy.
  5. Cheshire cat

    Rear LED lights not powering down after vehicle has been locked

    Rear LED lights and part of the centre console display, seem to stay on maybe 30 minutes after vehicle has been locked up. My Grenadier has only been used a couple of times in the past month. On arriving home I put it on a battery tender and now showing 88%. Won't stay at that if lights don't...
  6. BenTN

    Auxiliary Lights in the Grill - High Power LED light upgrade without any cutting

    Like many others I was disappointed in the stock aux. lights in the grill of my Grenadier. I'm sure there were various regulations that limited what could legally be mounted there from the factory, but the light output is just pointless. I don't think I would ever use them, especially with the...
  7. F

    LED flood lights. Dimmable/color controlled

    I’m looking for led light bars I could attach one on each side on the grab bars to be powered by my Dutch plugs. I’d like to be able to dim them and change their colors. Ideally for when camping to have a nice ambiance. Moon or purple or blue or green colored to not be an intrusive light but...
  8. Joergchm

    Local Area Thread Fahrzeughöhe inklusive original Rhino Dachträger und LED Leiste

    Hallo zusammen, Kann mir jemand sagen, was die genau Fahrzeughöhe inklusive dem dem original Rhino Dachträger und der dazubestellten LED Leiste ist?
  9. Hannes01

    Local Area Thread Seitliche Lampen am Dacho

    Ich bin auf der Suche nach 2 LED Scheinwerfern für die seitlich Montage an den Haltegriffe am Dach. hätte gerne etwas was nicht so groß ist, optimaler weise nicht vorsteht, auch Waschstraßen tauglich ist. sollte halt seitlichen Bereich für kleinere arbeiten ausleuchten. habe das bewußt im...
  10. Clark Kent

    ARB Base Rack Auxiliary LED Lights

    Picked up a set of these ARB Base Rack Auxiliary lights. The U bracket of the supplied mount sits nicely under the upper screw for the grab rail. I put one on each side. ARB
  11. Mr. Largo WINCH

    Phares à LED longure Portée

    Bonjour, Vu au salon du 4X4 à Valloire. sur le stand INEOS. Un véhicule aux normes US avec un pare choc métallique 5 cm moins large que la version France. Et des feux LAZER à LED adpatés au Grenadier sur le stand LAZER
  12. minidok

    Aftermarket grill

    How do you like this kind of grill? Shown during "Abenteurer Allrad 2023".
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