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  1. beanohallett

    Jardine's Kent 4x4 Morning

    Great thanks to Marc, Jack Lauren and the team for providing such a great event this morning in Kent, really appreciated and very much hands on education. What a sure footed mean machine the Grenadier is !! awesome Muddy wheels and all !! An no to mention the hot dogs as well YUM!! Well done...
  2. D

    Cars are moving out

    My dealer (Jardine Kent - UK) have confirmed that my car is built and awaiting transport. I presume that this is from the second batch off the production line and so hopefully the technical issues are now resolved and it shall not sit in their showroom for the next 2 months.
  3. Eniffer

    Beans & Machines this Sunday in Kent (Jardines Kent)

  4. Eniffer

    Jardine Essex Clubhouse

    Hi everyone. I’m Richard, General Manager of the Jardine Agents. If you have chosen Jardine as your agents you may have spoken to Marc Dexter or Tayrn Barella over the last few months. Well the exciting news is the Essex Clubhouse is very nearly ready. We are hoping to open our doors early...
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