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  1. F

    Where to install a 3kw inverter?

    I have a 3kw inverter. I’d like to tie it into the 500a line that runs to the back and has the overhead switch. Does anyone know where this could fit? Or is there a NATO plug adapter I could run to the inverter for the short term? What gauge of wiring is running to the current 400w inverter...
  2. L

    300w inverter retrofitted - how I did it.

    I know several threads on this, but since most seem to be lengthy debates on P=IV, power factors etc, I thought I would write up my fit. I bought a 300w pure sine wave inverter, branded Bestek.. I bench tested it and it seemed to be able to power things around that power. I've popped out the...
  3. Shawnpalmer

    Wired in my RedArc 400 watt inverter in rear load space.

    Wired and mounted this last week. Ran a 10G wire to the main battery. Hidden when not in use. Thought some of you would like some inspiration for what can fit in this space.
  4. F

    Inverter on 500amp line?

    With the 500amp line running to the NATO plug in the back I'm wanting to use that to add an inverter. What side do the wires run on? The left by the jack or the right? Also does anyone know what the max dimensions for an inverter are? I'd like to go as big as possible simply because I'd...
  5. Tinki

    Inverter retrofit . New deliveries I need your help .

    So Guys because i cannot leave well enough alone and because i was really annoyed when they promised us a 400w inverter and took it way the last moment , i have ordered all the bits from my dealear to retrofit . While waitting for the parts to arrive i would greatly appreciate anyone who has...
  6. bmore_burnsy

    Q&A Americas Power Take-Off (400W Inverter)

    The configurator states that "[t]he Power Take-Off includes domestic plug sockets (120V / 230V) in the second row seating and loadspace areas of the vehicle, providing 400W of power for electrical items." Questions: How many outlets are in the second row seating area? How many outlets are in...
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