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fuel funnel

  1. R

    Emergency funnel for fueling on sale, Amazon 98 cents

    Just FYI - This is a relatively small/inexpensive funnel that can be carried just in case you need to refuel by gas can (as indicted inside the fuel door). I bought one and it's decent and fits well. It won't deliver 10 gal/min but it'll be useful (and compact) if needed. It fits well (along...
  2. silvester3

    Americas First aid kit / fuel nozzle funnel ?

    Picked up my Trialmaster before Xmas in Houston, TX. Outstanding vehicle. Had some time over the holidays to go over the manual and new Grenadier a few times. Small detailed question for the group… for US deliveries… - did anyone have a Grenadier delivered with a FIRST AID KIT ? (or is this...
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