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  1. A

    Drive Train Fault

    Hello, I'm formally registering here in the forum. I've only been a reader so far. Many thanks to all of you for the great contributions and suggestions. I've had my Grenadier (Trialmaster Diesel Sela-Green) since June 2023, I'm a rather infrequent driver, only about 3,500 km so far. First...
  2. J

    Front diff failure

    Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this... My Trialmaster has done ~4500 miles with no offroading, except for a centre diff usage in the snow for short periods. I was driving on the road turning left around 30mph to find my front diff went with a bang and now grinding on deceleration...
  3. Skrambo

    Alarm siren module failure

    A few days ago, I attempted to start my car but encountered immediate issues. Although the engine turned over, it failed to ignite. Over the course of approximately five hours while awaiting roadside assistance and eventually a tow truck, I repeatedly attempted to start the car. I also tried...
  4. minidok

    Airbag failure

    After disconnecting and reconnecting the central power unit, tpms, diffs and airbag were signalling failures. Everything but the red airbag error cleared out after short drive. Does the airbag controll unit somehow react on edges in voltage changes? So far I did not find a way, how to reset...
  5. bemax

    e-call failure

    Today my car had the “e-call failure” the second time. The first time the failure showed up more than a month ago after the battery was down to 7 %. While all the other failures vanished after starting the car (no problem with that at all due to the second battery) the e-call failure stood with...
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