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  1. N

    GVM kits are starting to become available.

    Expedition HQ has piqued my interest of late. It looks like they have developed a 10% GVM 3800kg (not GCM) upgrade kit using 35mm lifted Eibach springs with either Koni or Kings shock absorbers. For Australian owners and buyers the kit currently only appears to be available plated in QLD and...
  2. [ Adam ]

    3rd party Videos Expedition Portal - Crossing Continents Episode 1: South Africa

    I've been waiting for this! Its great to see the Grenadier featured so prominently, and I'm looking forward to seeing all of their ups and downs. From the youtube listing: "For episode one of Crossing Continents, we document our journey from taking delivery of the Ineos Grenadier in the UK to...
  3. Matt P

    5 Year Trip in a Grenadier Across the World towing a Patriot X3 Which We Live In.

    Hi all! Hope you all had a good Christmas! I just thought I'd drop a line here about something that may be of interest. We’re doing a 5 year trip in a Grenadier across the world towing a Patriot X3 which we live in. We set off from the Grenadier pub in London in mid-July with our two young kids...
  4. ChasingOurTrunks

    Expedition Portal Article on the Quartermaster

    Decent write-up from Expedition Portal/Overland Journal on the new Quartermaster. My personal thoughts: It's not a home run. Base Payload is less than a Gladiator Sport - likely closer to Rubicon once...
  5. Fidei Defensor

    Grenadier doing a Trans-Africa Expedition with Overland Journal!

    Just Announced: Scott Brady is doing a Trans-Africa Expedition in the Grenadier. This should be VERY interesting! (Fingers Crossed!)
  6. inky_black


    Hi all, I am posting the Grenadier Press Pack which I found in the public press section of the official Ineos Grenadier website. Have fun with the Press Pack. Attached is also the link to the press realeases of EXPEDITION 1.0: EXPEDITION 1.0 The press packs in other languages and further...
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