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  1. I

    Americas Grenadier New England

    How has the dealer service been. Meaning issues with any vehicle problems or simply maintenance intervals?
  2. L


    Hi all, new purchaser, just bought an IG almost new. 17 minutes from a dealer which is handy!
  3. Douglas_Bonser

    UK Lift Kit!

    Hello everyone, I've just ordered a 30mm lift kit from Kahn Design / Chelsea Truck Company in the UK. From what I can gather they may be the Eibach springs sold by Kahn. They're £840 plus shipping, I think that's pretty...
  4. SkiBum1

    Americas The Best Review Ever

    There is a lot of garbage unfair reviews out there from people that don’t own a Grenadier, only drove them for a day, and that try to find issues to make their reviews more interesting. Ok, here is an honest review you can rely on, also to the FN point! The Ineos Grenadier Fieldmaster with...
  5. E


    Good evening from a new member in north east England. My battery will not start the car and after 48 hours on charger still not. Will not jump start fro my other car either . Bigger problem its parked in front of my garage containing my other car so borrowed my son’s in short term . Onto dealer...
  6. S

    Yorkshire England owner, it's a 2 seater as im working from it so far, so good a few things. I'd like improvement, but overall great replacement of my

    Hey 👋 I've had my ineos a few months now it's a handy useful truck. I've had a 110 puma foe a few years this replaced it and like the whole package. Still have a vintage landy but the new utility is ok . Si
  7. Wayneos

    3rd party Videos Slip sliding away

    The Gren leans over quite a bit before tipping! View: Edit: just noticed this has already been posted. delete it
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