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eisa alshamsi

  1. ealshamsi

    Scratches on Plastic!

    Hi All, I've noticed some scratches on plastic pieces as the attached images show. I have tried to wipe it out without any effect. Does someone have the same issue?
  2. ealshamsi

    Developing a Supplemental User Manual

    Hi All, I am not sure if someone suggested developing a Supplemental User Manual in this forum before. Why? To fill the gap and capture the Grenadier owner's experience in a manual, I've noticed the lack of information on specific details that the official manual didn't include. So, do we have...
  3. ealshamsi

    UAE Finally, my Grenadier is home.

    Hi Everyone, I have received my Grenadier last night: - Trailmaster. - Color: Donny Grey. I enjoyed driving it home; it was my first ever Grenadier drive. Eisa
  4. ealshamsi

    Vehicle protection and tint films

    Hello Grenadieres, I am planning to give my Grenadier an entire body protection film and tint the car glasses against scratches and to maintain the car's color. What are your recommendations for hot weather regions? And do I really need it? Eisa
  5. ealshamsi

    UAE Which UAE's License Plates size do you prefer?

    Marhaba, Which is a more suitable License Plate for the Grenadier in the UAE do you prefer? Is it the regular (small) size or the wide one (long)? Personally, I am more into the small one, because I think it is more suitable, and it goes with the square shape of the Grenadier. Which one do you...
  6. ealshamsi

    UAE Marhaba Assa'a (Hi)

    Hi UAE members, This is Eisa ALSHAMSI, close to being a Grenadier (Trailmaster) owner. It is my pleasure to be among you.
  7. ealshamsi

    Hi All from Sharjah, UAE

    I am glad to join your forum, and looking forward to sharing knowledge, experience, and stories.
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