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  1. Shawnpalmer

    Trailer lights wired, Dual Battery wired with RedArc isolator, sub relocated

    Trailer lights added since I didn’t get them on mine, sub relocated, and RedArc dual battery kit installed. See pics. NATO plug installed and run to battery. It’s coming together!
  2. ethree

    Black Sheep ARB Dual Compressor Mount.

    Just ordered the Black Sheep ARB dual compressor mount. These guys make great stuff (I have their rock rails/steps coming too!). Looking to see if anyone has actually put a system in and have wired it up. Curious as to how you did it. Thanks in advance.
  3. A

    Dual Batteries and Fridge

    Thought I would see what the fridge would do if left on for a couple of days. I have a 37l ARB that I plugged in and stuck some room temp waters and soda in. Left the truck parked outside in Tucson, AZ. Donny Gray, no shade, no additional insulation for the fridge, just sitting in the sun...
  4. H

    How can i connect the aux battery?(dual battery i need the wirring diagram)

    I need to know how i connect the ctek to the wires in the box under the seat. Any one has the diagram or know how?
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