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  1. S

    Drawer System with Pull Out Table/Tailgate

    With going from my Land Cruiser with its super handy tailgate and work table surface to a Grenadier without one: I am wondering if any of the new Grenadier drawer companies are planning to make a slide out tailgate/table. I have had three Truck Vaults for my previous trucks and love them for...
  2. Davidpschaeffer

    Build Thread Drawer system installed!

    Hello all. First post from Arizona. Purchased a custom 2 drawer set from the Drifta folks in New South Wales Australia. They made the drawers to my spec request. Shipped via Air Freight. I can’t say enough good things. THE BUILD QUALITY IS PERFECT. The install was a about 3 hours with a help...
  3. OverlandGearGuy

    Overland gear guy - INEOS Grenadier Slide Floor and Drawer Top

    INEOS Grenadier Slide Floor and Drawer Top View: This video showcases a new slide floor and drawer top system designed for the Ineos Grenadier by Diabolical Inc. The system is made of aluminum and has two removable top panels, similar to the...
  4. inky_black

    Our Self-Made Drawer System and Its Amazing Potential

    Developed Together: In the world of vehicle customizations and DIY projects, there is an endless variety of ideas and solutions to make the most of your car. Today, we would like to introduce you to one of these ideas, the result of a creative collaboration between three dedicated minds: @Jaro...
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