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  1. M

    TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) Technical Data

    Here we go again for Europe TPMS Sensors: Frequency: 433MHz Manufacturer: Continental Model: TIS-09DL OEM Number: 407006UA0A/4031100Q0F FCC ID: KR5TIS-09DL Links: FCC ID FCC Report (very detailed Data) Maybe someone wants to download and save all the PDFs for backup..
  2. LeftCoastOverland

    Australasia Nomad eSIM anyone?

    I just got a new iPhone 15 for my journey to Aus, and found an eSIM provider named Nomad, they sell data packages for travelers at a reasonable price. Wondering if anyone here has had any experience using them, or any of the competitors now that physical SIM cards are getting phased out...
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