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  1. T

    New Grenadier owner in Colorado

    We are new owners and just spent a week in Canyonlands, Utah, USA in our new truck. The truck handled well and was comfortable. However, the software, alerts, bings, clicks, and alarms have us deciding whether to call her Needy Nancy, or Bossy Bessy.🤣
  2. M

    Local Area Thread Delivery Plan Colorado Springs

    Not convinced by summer the early model bugs will be worked out. So I think a delivery plan is in order. This will depend on my exact delivery date of course. But I can get off the pavement and overlanding with in 4 miles of Red Noland in Colorado Springs. So my thought is, transfer gear between...
  3. Migs

    Colorado Future Owner

    Happy Friday, Currently have an order on a Grenny for fall 2024 delivery from Red Noland - I live in the Denver area. Pretty excited and hoping order deliveries speed up so I can get one or 2 late summer off-road/camping weekends in with my two sons (age 3 & 6) in the mountains here this year...
  4. H

    First Impressions from Colorado

    So I figured I'd put out my first impressions on the IG. Background: I'm coming from a 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser with Bilstein 6100 installed for 2.5" lift. Thoughts: I've put about 150 miles on the car. Mostly highway miles so not a full breadth of experience yet. The Good: There's...
  5. Sela Green

    Colorado getting close

    Hello all. I have a Vin... The real thing should not be far away. So far Red Noland is saying the right things. Only been a quick browse so far but there seems to be a lot of information here. Happy to be here. Thx for having me Andrew
  6. S

    Local Area Thread Utah/Colorado

    Who will be driving in the two greatest offroad states? I’ll update this post as people reply. As people get vehicles would love to get drives set up. @salamor the seeker - mapleton, UT
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