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  1. JohnHeagney

    Towing Electrics - Caravan fridge

    Hi All, As we know the Grenadier towing electrics are set up as the Continental way that doesn’t have a live feed for a caravan fridge. My Dealer offered to do this work but today I called in to the guy who does my towball and electrics to see if he could do this as we are going away with the...
  2. Malkav

    Local Area Thread Wohnwagenspiegel

    Hallo zusammen, eine Frage an die Camper unter Euch: Hat schon jemand Erfahrung welche Wohnwagenspiegel sich eignen? Bisher, bei meinen vorigen Fahrzeugen, habe ich immer spezifische Emuks verwendet aber die gibt es ja (noch?) nicht für den Grenadier. Danke und Grüße von der Nahe
  3. JohnHeagney

    Towing mirrors

    Hi, Has anyone managed to buy suitable mirrors to add to the Grenadier when towing a wider trailer such as a caravan to give wider visibility? If so, please can you let me know the model? Many thanks John
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