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  1. RyanT

    Buzz Overland - Gutted Grenadier

    Hey Guys, We have a pretty exciting build brewing here at Buzz Overland. Can't spill the beans yet but figured there may be a few interested in what a gutted Grenadier interior looks like. If anyone wants anything specific just shout. Cheers Ryan
  2. anand

    3rd party Videos Buzz Overland Cargo System Install Video

    Not a minute by minute install, but Apex Overland in NC recently did a video of assembling/installing the complete Buzz Cargo System...
  3. S

    Feeling the Buzz yet?

    I've read the various forum posts that mention the Buzz Overland sliders w. integrated steps. Pros they appear very well constructed and designed to perform equally well as a robust slider as well as a step for shorter occupants. The only potential con I have read about is their cost. I am...
  4. RyanT

    Buzz Overland - product showcase: Modular Cargo System

    Buzz Special Vehicles are extremely pleased to announce that we are the official UK distributor for AEV. You can browse and shop AEV products here: New products are being listed daily so keep a look out and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to...
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